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President / CEO - Tesken Incorporated, a software consulting company dedicated to aviation suppliers & aerospace supply chain performance excellence.
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    New Project Management Software Seeks To Reshape Airframer-Supplier Relationships

New Project Management Software Seeks To Reshape Airframer-Supplier Relationships

[NEWS ARTICLE] By MARY KIRBY Airline Passenger Experience Association, August 14, 2012: Until today, there has never been a dedicated piece of software that automates the incorporation of aerospace customer updates and feedback into their daily project management. By supplementing existing embedded ERP [enterprise resources planning] and Project Management Enterprise systems, AeroCompass software ends the traditional stop-gap method of aerospace supplier companies manually integrating customer feedback and updates with their current internal data.
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Airbus to Double $12B It Spends With US Suppliers

[NEWS ARTICLE] By RONALD GLOVER, Los Angeles October 19, 2012 (Reuters) - Airbus, which last year paid $12 billion to U.S. suppliers of the parts and services it needs to build its planes, will double that spending by 2020 as it gears up to build a new plant in Mobile, Alabama.
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    AeroCompass™, New Product For Commercial Aviation Supply Chain

AeroCompass™, New Product For Commercial Aviation Supply Chain

Winston-Salem, N.C. – AeroCompass is the first project management software created for the aerospace industry, designed to not only create seamless communication between manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus and their suppliers, but to also internally integrate manufacturers’ data with the supplier’s departmental data such as program management, engineering, production and sales. In addition, it provides succinct information to satisfy FAA feedback requirements including the recent June 30 requirements on how the industry gains approval to install electronic components integrated in aircraft seats.
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Happy Anniversary, Boeing

Happy Anniversary to the Boeing Company, founded 96 years ago today in Seattle. A bit of trivia: Boeing Company was first known as Pacific Aero Products Company.
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    Boeing and Airbus Plan To Encourage Suppliers To Consolidate

Boeing and Airbus Plan To Encourage Suppliers To Consolidate

[NEWS ARTICLE] Andrew Parker, James Shotter, The Financial Times Limited, July 8, 2012: As Airbus and Boeing set agressive production goals, plans to encourage mergers among aerostructures companies will be in play this week during the Farnborough air show.
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Happy Birthday, America – Tesken Salutes You

Today we celebrate the birthday of our great nation, and cherish the freedom so many have made sacrifices for. We at Tesken Incorporated are proud to be American citizens and an American company. We salute the people who keep and have kept this country safe, and their families; many of us are also Armed Forces Veterans. This day, and every day of the year, we remember and give thanks to those of us who have given us this gift.
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Airbus Has A New Website For Alabama’s Assembly Line

Jul 2, 2012 by airbus: Airbus made history with its decision to create an A320 Family jetliner final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama, which will make it the first additional manufacturer of large commercial aircraft at a U.S. facility in more than four decades. This video clip provides highlights from the announcement event on 2 July 2012, which featured comments from President & CEO Fabrice Brégier and Robert Bentley, the Governor of Alabama. Check out their new web site here:

Here's the highlights from the announcement event on 2 July 2012:

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Boeing Hikes 20-Year Market Forecast to $4.5 Trillion

[NEWS ARTICLE] By Helen Massy-Beresford, LONDON | REUTERS.COM | Tue Jul 3, 2012 8:49am EDT: Based on predictions of emerging regions growth and fuel efficiency demands, Boeing raised it's 20-Year Market Forecast today to $4.5 trillion and demand for 34,000 new aircraft, up from last year's forecast of a 33,500 new passenger aircraft demand and forecast of $3.5 trillion.
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Airbus Lands first US Plant in Alabama

[NEWS ARTICLE] By James O'Toole @CNNMoney, July 2, 2012: European aircraft manufacturer Airbus announced plans Monday to build a new facility in Alabama to produce commercial airliners. Adam Buck, a spokesman for the mayor of Mobile's office in Alabama, said the $600 million facility will begin construction next year and will generate 1,000 permanent new jobs. It will be located on the site of a former Air Force base, where Airbus already has an engineering facility, Buck said.
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Boeing flying high on market expectations, says CEO

[NEWS ARTICLE] Wang Wen, Lu Haoting, China Daily, March 21, 2012: James McNerney, chairman, president and CEO of Boing Co., says that the aircraft market will continue to be strong in 2012 as it is driven by demand from countries in the Middle East and Asia, particularly China.
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