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President / CEO - Tesken Incorporated, a software consulting company dedicated to aviation suppliers & aerospace supply chain performance excellence.
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    As Boeing and Airbus Ramp up, it’s Crunch Time for Aerospace Suppliers

As Boeing and Airbus Ramp up, it’s Crunch Time for Aerospace Suppliers

[NEWS ARTICLE] March 10, 2012 By Josh Cable, Industry Week: Fueled by surging demand in Asia, commercial-aircraft production is hitting record levels. Indeed, these are boom times for some aerospace suppliers. With Boeing and Airbus SAS projecting a worldwide demand for some 30,000 new commercial jets over the next two decades, suppliers such as B/E Aerospace could be poised for a good run. However, as Boeing and Airbus push toward aggressive production-rate ramp-ups on a number of major programs, there are murmurs that some manufacturers in an already stretched supply chain might struggle to keep pace.
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First U.S. Aerospace Supplier Summit Opens In Seattle

[NEWS ARTICLE] By AUBREY COHEN, SEATTLEPI.COM STAFF, Tuesday, March 13, 2012: For companies that want to build aircraft or help someone else do so, Seattle's the place to be this week. That's because BCI Aerospace is sponsoring its first U.S. Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit here, drawing more than 800 companies from 25 countries, with 10,000 meetings scheduled.
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Boeing Examines Supply Chain for Weak Links

[NEWS ARTICLE] By David Kesmodel, Wall Street Journal, SEATTLE: The intensified scrutiny is a key component of Boeing's strategy to speed up production of nearly all of its commercial jets without the kinds of costly bottlenecks and delays that hobbled it in previous major ramp-ups. Quality issues are on the rise as suppliers scramble to meet the growing demand for aircraft. Under its more vigilant approach, Boeing is communicating more often with suppliers and sharing more information about its own forecasts and production plans, according to executives at the company and several of its suppliers.
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Boeing Flying High With Supplier SMARTnerships

Keld Jensen, Forbes Contributor, February 9, 2012: At a time when most businesses are struggling to attract or keep customers, Boeing faces a unique challenge: They need to fulfill a huge and growing backlog of orders. Boeing is at the mercy of thousands of vendor partners to meet their parts requirements in order to meet delivery promises made to their customers. With the next six years of production already sold, Boeing’s main challenge is getting their 1,200 direct suppliers to ramp up production and ensure the quality of the parts ordered. How have they gone about solving the problem? By becoming more open, sharing information, and communicating more efficiently with their suppliers.
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Boeing, Airbus make their cases at aerospace conference

[NEWS ARTICLE] February 8, 2012, Michelle Dunlop, Herald Writer, LYNNWOOD: Aerospace analysts, the Boeing Co. and Airbus all agree: The commercial aircraft market looks strong for years to come. The 2012 Pacific Northwest Alliance Aerospace Conference.
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An Industry Outlook for 2011-2030

Chief Operating Officer – Customers John Leahy highlights key messages of Airbus’ Global Market Forecast (GMF) for 2011-2030, which was released on 19 September 2011. Among its projections, the GMF foresees air traffic worldwide more than doubling over the 20-year timeframe – necessitating about 27,850 new passenger and freighter aircraft to meet the rising demand.
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Boeing 2011 Keynote: We Are Value Stream Mapping Suppliers

BOEING Company, Seattle, WA: Daniel (Dan) Boyd, Supplier Program Manager, Boeing Defense, Space & Security. The supply chain is more important than ever; Boeing buys $30 to $50 billion subassemblies and parts from suppliers per year, and they have expectations on these deliverables. The secret to doing business with Boeing is: higher quality, on-time delivery, lower costs and shorter lead times.

Watch the full keynote here or watch below:

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