Tesken Incorporated has been providing software solutions, custom data management and data integration services to businesses locally and abroad since 2008, helping companies solve problems and become more profitable by making them more efficient, streamlined and organized.

Our Focus

  • Customized enterprise level solutions
  • Data driven web applications
  • Large and small projects

Our Strengths

  • System interoperability & interfacing
  • Database & application conversion
  • Large multi-location enterprise solutions
  • Process improvement
  • System scalability

Capabilities List

Full Service Web Application Development

  • Rapid Development Utilizing Our Proven Custom Business Framework
  • Small to Enterprise Level Solutions – No Application is Too Large
  • Highly Available, Over 99.99% Uptime for Mission Critical Applications
  • Fully Serviced Customer Support & Built in Help Documentation

Database Development Services

  • Design, Implement and Support Any Major Database Platform
  • Migration Services if you need to Change Platforms
  • Upgrade and / or Enhance Existing Solutions
  • Backup and Automation Services

Filemaker Database Solutions

  • Certified Developers
  • Server Implementations and System Configuration
  • FileMaker Community & Technical Leadership
  • Rapid Prototyping & Agile Development
  • Small to Enterprise Level Solutions
  • Bridging to SQL

Software & Systems Support

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing expertise
  • Business objects development
  • SQL development

Custom Software Development

  • Web, Mobile, Cloud, Database
  • Integration and Toolsets
  • Workgroup software for enterprise
  • Small and medium sized business
  • Non-profit and education