Proven Data Workflow Solutions – Full Service Database Development

At Tesken, we understand the rapid pace growth of technology and software, and the effects it can have on your organization. With the ever increasing number of custom software and home grown applications developed by staff members to fill in the gaps, the need to tie these different solutions together has never been greater.

Tesken has the specific knowledge and experience to execute this critical integration, effectively and efficiently.  By automating repetitive, manual tasks, we’ve reduced task durations by 75% in one client’s department; approximately 120 hours of work per month.  That’s huge savings, and frees up valuable employee time, allowing them to perform the work they were hired to do.

Full Service Database Solutions

  • Seamless Data Integration
  • Automated Manual Tasks
  • Greatly reduced task times
  • Easier faster sharing of information across your enterprise
  • Integration and Toolsets
  • Web, Mobile, Cloud, Database

Database & Application Conversion

Tesken provides data conversion services for MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS Visual Foxpro. DBMS like Oracle, structured file XML (for source and destination), Excel and many others may be implemented. Converting and migrating data, indexes, foreign keys, primary keys, default value, auto increment fields, and tables from one platform to another between different databases are just some examples of Tesken’s capabilities within the database and application conversion spectrum.