Data Integration Between You & Your Customer is Key To Winning & Keeping Contracts



Be A Preferred Supplier:  100% Quality. 100% Delivery.

Your customers want results. They realize that the supply chain is more important than ever, and that you, the supplier, drive the business.  They want cost reductions. They want lead time reductions. They want quality improvement. They want delivery improvement. That’s what they expect. If you as a supplier give them these things, you’ll land those big contracts.

How? Tesken can help. We can integrate your company information with your customer’s reports, feedback and metrics, along with other external data, and give your managers and key team leads the information they need to successfully deliver products. Products that are high quality and delivered on time.

Know how you're doing every day.

A Few Examples of Deliverables You Can Expect From Tesken

  • Just in Time Delivery Reports: Are you shipping your product on time? Is your customer receiving your product too early or too late?
  • Reporting and Data Submittal Management: Are you fulfilling your customer’s reporting and data requirements on a timely basis? Are you behind? Which departments need improvement, to enable you to identify their issues and help them complete on time?
  • Your Overall Supplier Rating:  Where are you on your offerability rating? Where do you fall short? Where can you improve?

We can show you how you can achieve all of these and more.  Contact us to find out more information.

Seamless connectivity between you and your customer can save hundreds of hours of work and greatly improves efficiency.

Having constant visibility to your metrics allows your organization to react quickly to flaws and improve your performance, improving your scoring rating with your customers.  Tesken has the tool to achieve these and much more.  Want to know how?  AeroCompass 


A Preferred Supplier Certification rating can:

  • Improve your competitiveness
  • Increase your source selection preference
  • Enhance your relationship with OEM’s and your reputation within the industry
  • Reduce your potential for inspections
  • Support lean initiatives
  • Provide you access to an OEM’s training and resources

Tesken provides data integration both within an organization, between divisions, as well as integration of key data with a client’s customers, providing reports, feedback, metrics and other integrated data, giving managers and key team leads the visibility they need to successfully deliver quality products and programs on time and within budget. Tesken delivers seamless connectivity, saving hundreds of hours of work and greatly improving efficiency.

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