Your Internal Business Data – Key To Your Program Management Success

Your organization handles a tremendous amount of data and information on a daily basis. Information that your program managers need to successfully deliver their projects. Where is your key organizational data located? Is it in one location, or is it dispersed throughout your departments?

Is information difficult to retrieve if someone's gone for the day?

Your internal business data is coming from many sources:

  • EBOM
  • Finance
  • Production
  • Engineering
  • Program Management

You need to be 100% compliant with mandated processes. Are you ready for changes?

You need to make sure the right people are getting the right set of information – complete, accurate and on time. You need to be ready for any changes in processes.

  • Where is your data now?
  • Is there a seamless flow of information getting to your team members on a timely basis?
  • Are you ready for process changes that are required? Can you act fast? 

Tesken can show you how to easily and quickly manage your data, and even better, manage it effortlessly and create visibility to anyone who needs it, in any format requested.

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Tesken Enables Optimization of Your Business Data

– Data Collection and Extraction

– Transforming, Inspecting, Cleansing, Validating

– Staging and Loading the data into One Source

– Monitoring, Checking and Controlling Data Integrity Over Time


Tesken can keep you 100% compliant with new FAA mandated processes.


Data Management internally within our organization is not enough; we need seamless communication with our customers … Learn More


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