We already have MicroSoft/Oracle/IBM/SAP/Epicor solutions. Can we incorporate AeroCompass?

Yes. AeroCompass has many features not found in other enterprise solutions, such as EDR/SDRL submittal work flow, scorecard calculator or delivery date comparative analysis. AeroCompass is a perfect plug-in for any legacy software, integrating seamlessly with enterprise solutions such as J.D. Edwards, Epicor, SAP, Oracle Primavera, Microsoft SharePoint, or many others.

What kind of training comes with AeroCompass?

Top notch training. We wouldn’t have it any other way. And because we promote best of standards, we work with your team to promote globally standardized program management best practices throughout your company.  User training is a huge and important part of AeroCompass’s implementation. And we feel that program management best practices are so important that we incorporate these teachings in with AeroCompass training, and sessions are designed by a certified PMP.

We follow (or want to follow) PMI standards. Does AeroCompass?

AeroCompass was built from the ground up for aerospace program managers by certified PMP aerospace program managers, incorporating certified world-class program management best practices into every work flow process and module. So if you follow PMP best practices, or want your organization to follow them, AeroCompass makes it simple and enables that standardization every step of the way.

We have a lot of data. How fast is AeroCompass?

AeroCompass is lightening fast, because you don’t have time to wait for your software. Our benchmarked current average data page load time is 0.131 seconds – that’s faster than the blink of an eye (0.150 seconds).

We have standards and processes we follow – does AeroCompass capture this?

AeroCompass allows you to easily create templates or methodologies, for processes such as programs and gate reviews, creating company-wide program management standards.

Is AeroCompass innovative? How do we benefit from improvements in the future?

AeroCompass is continuously being improved and innovated, and these improvements are automatically passed along to you, included along with the maintenance plan.

What about historical data?

Historical data is captured, analyzed, and reported. And there are so many graphs and charts to make reading the reports quick and easy. Reports show quantitative analysis, forecasting, projecting and predicting – all captured and reported through management dashboards by a variety of easy-to-use graphs and charts, deriving the greatest value from that data.

What if we need a social media platform? Don’t I need a third party?

You don’t have to hire a company to build you a social business intranet – it’s already there. Platforms like SharePoint require someone to build out and implement their business intranet, portals and social media platform; AeroCompass’s is already built in. It’s easy to use messaging capability; shared portals and integrated legacy mailbox capabilities allow users to easily collaborate on projects and programs. Plus, AeroCompass has anticipated and created easy-to-use work flow modules (such as the Submittals Module) that eliminates repetitive tasks of attaching spreadsheets to emails, and tracks what has been submitted when, creating a historical record.

This means your team members work on the projects they need to, not on trying to program or understand complicated software.

How quickly can we start benefiting from AeroCompass?

Right away. AeroCompass is the only software created specifically for the commercial aerospace supplier. AeroCompass addresses key aerospace supplier requirements right out of the box, incorporating certified Program Management practices, and helps create visibility and best practices within your organization right away, such as Program Risk Reviews, Gate Reviews, On Dock Comparative Analysis, supplier data management, engineering requirements and automatic customer Scorecard generation, just to name a few.

What about future updates?

Future updates are seamless, with no direct impact on users. AeroCompass is constantly being improved, and these improvements are automatically passed along to current customers.

Can we share documents?

Sharing documents is easy. AeroCompass has a document management module that allows users to store, view and share documents, allowing you complete access from wherever you are.

How easy and fast is it to get the data we need immediately?

Very fast, very easy.

Management dashboards are actually useful and helpful.

AeroCompass has easy-to-use comprehensive drill down management dashboards, giving key shareholders quick access to real-time data they need to make informed decisions right away. All eyes are on the same information, accessible anywhere by tablet, laptop, desktop or web capable device.

Are we going to have to hire you or someone else every time we want a new report?


AeroCompass’s Report wizard means reports are easy to create, because we do all the heavy lifting.  AeroCompass creates every report that’s important to you (you have 6 months after roll-out to show us what additional reports you need).

And, you have the ability to utilize the report wizard to create your own customized reports on the fly at any time. It’s easy, and fast.

What if we grow or migrate to a different platform?

Your software and data is compatible. Because of its unique modular architecture, AeroCompass easily scales and grows with your business and is able to integrate with any systems that you want it to integrate with. You don’t have to worry about your data and AeroCompass being incompatible with additional software you might want to add in the future to compliment your company’s growing needs.

What if I want to do something with my data outside of AeroCompass?

Your data is yours, not trapped inside the application.

You can export any and all data any time you want. In most formats and protocols. You have immediate and complete access and control over all of your data at all times.

And, just in case you suddenly need more than the dozens of pre-built or customized reports we included with the install, AeroCompass has an easy-to-use report wizard that will quickly give you what you want.

How does AeroCompass help improve our company’s performance?

In short, AeroCompass can help you improve your on-time delivery, increase status with OEM’s and reduce costs with it’s built-in standard components that streamline and automate your workflow processes that are currently being done manually.