Tesken Incorporated Announces New Product For Commercial Aviation Supply Chain

Winston-Salem, N.C. – Debbie Bahrani spent two years perfecting her company’s new software product, AeroCompass, and knows it will re-shape the relationships between commercial aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers.

Bahrani owns Tesken Incorporated based in Winston-Salem, N.C. and provides custom software to the aerospace industry, specifically to commercial aviation suppliers. AeroCompass is the first project management software created for the aerospace industry, designed to not only create seamless communication between manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus and their suppliers, but to also internally integrate manufacturers’ data with the supplier’s departmental data such as program management, engineering, production and sales. In addition, it provides succinct information to satisfy FAA feedback requirements. For example, it handles the FAA’s AC 21-49 requirements that went into effect on June 30, 2012.

AeroCompass was debuted at the 3rd annual North Carolina Aerospace Supplier Conference on August 14 at the Showplace in High Point, North Carolina. Senator Richard Burr, the North Carolina Aerospace Alliance (NCAA), the North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC) and the North Carolina Department of Commerce co-hosted the event.

“Until now there has never been a dedicated piece of software for daily commercial aviation project management that makes it possible for all departments to be on the same page with their commercial airline manufacturing clients like Boeing and Airbus,” said Bahrani.  “AeroCompass automates the incorporation of customer updates and feedback into daily management systems and eliminates the need to have supplier team members spend endless hours completing hundreds of tasks by hand.”

Bahrani saw the need for integrated software first hand while consulting with large aviation suppliers. “I had clients still inputting data into excel worksheets and then manually re-creating reports every week, spending hours generating a single report that compared their performance to where their customer needed them to be.  Multiply that by dozens of reports every month and that’s a lot of wasted paid man hours,” she said. “There had to be a better way. I knew there wasn’t an all-inclusive program on the market, so our team at Tesken built our own. With a click of a button AeroCompass generates customized integrated reports in seconds. That’s just one of many innovative features that helps our clients improve product quality, increase production rates and save time and money.”

The airline industry is one of the most regulated in the world. Suppliers to the industry are held to very high standards and the slightest delay or defect in a product could drastically affect the supplier’s bottom line due to penalty fees and lost offerability preference.

“Suppliers are rated annually on quality, delivery and general performance. AeroCompass is one of the only systems that was designed to monitor those performance measurements at any time and alert a supplier early if a problem arises and needs immediate correction,” said Bahrani. “That early detection is critical to a company’s ranking with its clients and essentially its own bottom line. Your ranking shouldn’t be a surprise at the end of the year.”

Despite the economic downturn, Bahrani says the aerospace industry continues to thrive in North Carolina and is expected to grow even more as the largest companies are both receiving more orders as airlines seek more fuel-efficient planes and as customers in Asia and the Middle East continue to expand their fleets.

“We are excited about the growth our state is making and we want to be a part of the continued expansion. AeroCompass will improve suppliers’ competitiveness, timeliness, quality and accuracy with Boeing and other aviation companies around the world,” said Bahrani. “And it will maximize their bottom line.”

AeroCompass is currently available and more information can be found at www.tesken.com.


About Tesken

Tesken is a custom software data solutions company specializing in aerospace and commercial aviation and provides program management consulting, data management and integration, and develops data applications that support business process improvement in large and small aerospace organizations.  Tesken focuses on building products to help organizations measure, audit and improve their vendor performance, and increase communication with OEM’s and customers, by utilizing its newly achieved Silver Partner status in the Oracle® PartnerNetwork (OPN) Specialized. Owner, Debbie Bahrani, PMP, has over 15 years experience working in operations, IS, program management and the systems development fields, in diverse industries worldwide.


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