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We help businesses improve their performance through software & consulting.

Learn about how we can help you improve competitiveness, timeliness, quality and accuracy
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Custom Software

Tesken provides full service database solutions, lead by PMI certified professionals, customizing seamless data integration, automating manual tasks, and providing easier, faster sharing of information across your enterprise. Learn More

Data Management

Ensure your organization is sharing key data, providing managers constant visibility to projects. Be ready for new federal mandates. Tesken enables business intelligence and keeps you 100% compliant with new FAA mandated processes.Learn More

Data Integration

Make sure your departments are sharing key information critical to the success of your business. And not only internally, but externally with your suppliers, to ensure they’re on the same page.Learn More

Solutions & Tools

Whether its supplementing your existing enterprise software or providing a new interface, Tesken has developed powerful software and tools to help you improve your performance.Learn More

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